Desborough Swimming Pool Fund

Posted: Wed, 10 Jan 2018 13:02 by Becky Jones

In January this year, The Swimming Pool Fund Committee decided to close the Fund and distribute the money amongst worthwhile Desborough causes. After taking legal advice, and giving prior notification, a Public Meeting was held on November 23rd 2017.

For those who do not know how the fund came into being, let me add some background context:

The fund started in about 1979 to raise funds to build a swimming pool in Desborough, in 1986 an offer of £500.000 was made by the Maude Elkington Trust towards a Swimming Pool in Desborough. However, in 1988 Kettering Borough Council decided not to support a Swimming Pool in Desborough.

As a result, fundraising stopped, and a meeting of the Swimming Pool Fund held in February 1989 agreed that the fund should be "Frozen"

The money was placed into Bonds with the Birmingham Midshires Building Society, and when the bonds matured, the fund was moved to a local Building Society.

The current balance stands at £22,302.51

I would like to point out that this does not include any money from the Maude Elkington Trust and is money collected and donated by Desborough people.

The Committee had been hoping that with the population of Desborough almost trebling in recent years, a swimming pool might still have been possible. We now realise that this will not happen and would like to distribute the money amongst worthwhile Desborough causes. The money was raised and donated by Desborough people for Desborough, and it is imperative that it is spent in the spirit that it was given.

At the recent Public Meeting, the Pool Fund Committee, put forward suggestions which would benefit a broad spectrum of the community, and a wide age group. These were endorsed by the members of the Public, and further suggestions were also put forward.

In January 2017, the Committee of the above fund took the decision to close the Fund, and distribute the money amongst worthwhile Desborough causes.

As The Friends of Desborough Library are named as one of the potential beneficiaries, we are waiting for a decision on its future before any final decision is taken.

Since the Public meeting two other organisations have submitted requests, and are being considered, these are Desborough Town Welfare, and Desborough Heritage Centre.

All other potential beneficiaries are listed in the minutes which have been circulated. (minutes attached in the link below)

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