Braybrooke Road Planning Development Proposal

Posted: Wed, 29 Nov 2017 13:28 by Becky Jones

Gladman Developments Ltd are proposing to submit an outline planning application for a residential development of up to 245 dwellings with associated open space on Braybrooke Road. They are about to begin a process of public consultation in respect of their proposals and included is an electronic copy of the consultation leaflet for your information.

The consultation leaflet is being sent to over 700 households and businesses in Desborough in the vicinity of the site over the next few days. In addition they also have a dedicated website Both the leaflet and the website set out ways in which the local community can respond to them with any comments or queries.

They believe that engaging with stakeholders at an early stage in the planning process helps them understand any issues and aspirations within the community and allows them to provide development proposals that respond to community needs. The site is approximately 13.4 hectares in size and could accommodate up to 245 high quality family homes of which up to 30% would be affordable homes for local people.

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