Defibrillator Locations

Four defibrillators are located in the town which can be used by anyone in an emergency. The defibrillators are located at:-
- Hilltop Co-op Store (Braybrooke Road),
- Outside the Fire Station (King Street),
- Outside the Library (High Street),
- Outside the Co-op Funeral Care (Rushton Road).

The only legitimate way to gain access to the defibrillators in Desborough is through a 999 operator. When a call is made to the emergency services the operator will ask for details of the casualty. The ambulance service has access to details of the locations and status of each defibrillator (AED). If, and only if, they believe that a defibrillator will be needed will they direct a caller to the nearest operational AED and give them the access code.

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