Here are some frequently asked questions

What's all this about buying the library?

I want to speak to someone from the Town Council, what are your opening hours?

Our Town Clerk is office-based and works part-time. We have no other staff.

There will be times when you may not get an immediate response, for example during meetings, other telephone calls, and training, but please leave a message and contact details.

The Council is keeping the hours under review.

The Town Clerk is available for drop-in enquiries from ten o'clock until one o'clock Tuesday to Friday and at other times in normal office hours by appointment.

Will the Council tax go down now?

The Council Tax is made up of four elements:-

  • Northamptonshire County Council;
  • Kettering Borough Council;
  • Northamptonshire Police; and,
  • Desborough Town Council (i.e. us).

The first three elements are the same across the County, that is, every household pays the same amount in each band. Those three authorities control how much that is.

The final element is fixed by Desborough Town Council. The Council has commenced consultation on proposals and the budget for 2019/20. Only after the Council has determined its spending proposals can it agree a budget, and only THEN can it fix the amount to charge in Council Tax (known as a precept).

Desborough Town Councillors have indicated that they intend to reset the precept (charge) down to a level sufficient to fund the operation of the Council.

With all this reorganisation of Councils, will Desborough Town Council be closed down?

No, the proposals would disband the District and Borough Councils (e.g. Kettering BC, Corby BC), and the County Council. In their place would be one new Council in our area which would be responsible for all the functions of those former Councils.

The Town and Parish Councils (the first tier of Government in Britain) would remain.

Hasn't the County Council just been abolished?

Not yet!

The Secretary of State for Communities, the Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP has announced a new consultation about the structure of Local Government in Northamptonshire, saying

"I'm determined to ensure the people of Northamptonshire receive the very best public services from local authorities which are well-connected, make best use of public funds and give people more choice over how their communities are run.

"I look forward to hearing views on the proposals from the people of Northamptonshire."

Details of the Government's consultation are here: