Consultation Results

The results of the consultation exercise about the use of the Council's reserves have been posted here.

County Council consultation on the future of the libraries

The County Council is running a consultation exercise into the future of the library service. The consultation runs until 8 February 2019. Please use this opportunity to have your say about the future of library services in Northamptonshire by following this link.

More About Desborough

Desborough is a rapidly expanding and changing town situated in Northamptonshire, with 8045 electors (February 2016). An additional 700 homes are planned over the next few years as identified in the Rothwell & Desborough Area Action Plan 2009 produced by Kettering Borough Council. Key sites within the town have also been identified by the Borough Council for regeneration as detailed in the Desborough Urban Design Framework 2004. In addition Desborough "Greenspace" is 22 hectares of land designated as a public open space.

Desborough is one of the founding 12 members of the Charter of European Communities and through this has links with 26 other EU members. Through the Desborough and District Twinning Association the town is twinned with Neuville de Poitou in France and with Bievre in Belgium.

Desborough Town Plan

The Council has committed, on behalf of the town, to the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Desborough. When adopted, the plan will help local people shape development within our community and establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in the town.

A draft Plan was produced and following consultation a second draft was published in July 2017. There has been no further progress with the draft plan since then although there have been some significant changes to the background situation.

The Council has therefore decided to "call in" the Plan and to disband the Neighbourhood Plan Group and to form a Working Party to review the current draft: its status, and aspirations of the current draft plan, and report the findings to the Council to determine the next steps.

Latest News

Precept to fall by over 373% in 2019

At the January 2019 Council meeting, Desborough Town Council fixed its budget for the coming year (April 2029 to March 2020). The Council set a two-part budget identifying routine items necessary to run the Council's ordinary business, and items which are added extras.

The budget totals £358,245. Of this, £76,016 forms the ordinary business items and the remaining £283,229 being additional items. Each item of expenditure will be subject to approval in the usual manner. More »

Having fixed the budget, the Council considered the precept (the amount of Council Tax collected by the Borough Council on Desborough Town Council's behalf).

There is no lawful or practical method to refund unspent money from previous years. Currently, the capacity of Town and Parish Councils to set precepts is uncapped unlike Borough and County Councils. However, it is imprudent to assume that this situation will remain. If the Council had set a very low or even zero precept and the following year a cap was introduced, the Council would not be able to function. Even if no such cap was introduced, to have a low (or nil) precept then to impose a precept which is dramatically higher in subsequent years would be unwise and unwelcome in the community.

The Council decided to fund the ordinary running costs from the precept and the additional items from reserves.

The total precept is therefore £76,016. At Band D (the figure quoted most often in the press for comparison purposes) this is a reduction of £54.55 per year, or a 373.25% reduction.

The annual charge in Desborough for Desborough Town Council will be as follows:-

Band A: £13.31

Band B: £15.53

Band C: £17.74

Band D: £19.96

Band E: £24.40

Band F: £28.83

Band G: £33.27

Band H: £39.92

The Council Tax is made up of four elements:-

  • Northamptonshire County Council;
  • Kettering Borough Council;
  • Northamptonshire Police / Fire; and,
  • Desborough Town Council (i.e. us).

and the amounts charged by the other authorities will be known in the coming weeks. » Less

Posted: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 15:50 by Graham

Attempted theft of motor vehicle: Bridge Road, Desborough 01:05am on 13/01/19

Northamptonshire Police are appealing for information regarding an attempted theft of motor vehicle that has been reported to police. This occurred in the area of Bridge Road, Desborough at 01:05am on 13/01/19

Did you witness anything?
Did you see any person(s) in the area that looked suspicious?
Did you see any vehicle(s) that you were suspicious of?

If so, then please contact Northamptonshire Police on 101 quoting ref: 19000019147 More »

101 is the number to use to report incidents and for general enquiries. In an emergency dial 999.

To report a crime or incident, provide information or for advice, call 101or visit

To contact your Neighbourhood Team covering Corby Rural and surrounding villages they can be contacted on the following email:

You can also provide confidential information should you wish to remain anonymous. These calls can be made to the Independent Charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit » Less

Posted: Mon, 14 Jan 2019 09:48 by Graham

County Council consultation - have your say on the long-term future of county libraries

The County Council has launched its consultation into the future of the library service. The consultation runs for eight weeks (until 8 February 2019). Please use this opportunity to have your say about the future of library services in Northamptonshire by following this link.

Posted: Wed, 12 Dec 2018 16:51 by Graham