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Desborough Definitive Map

Posted: Wed, 13 Sep 2017 09:46 by James McKechnie

The Definitive Map Modification Order was made on the 14th July 2017 and the footpaths designated as Public Footpaths and added to the County Council's Definitive Map and Statement.

Below is a copy of the map showing the new footpaths.

Phill Conaty would like to thank the following who provided evidence to enable the footpaths to be adopted.Ben Dunkley, Emrys Davies, Christina Kingsnorth and family, Veronica and Rob Price, Alan Hall, Sharon Hall, Richard Smith, David Bayliss, Stuart Prince, Heather Gould, Lynda Wilson, Adrian Joss, Julia Joss, Belinda Humfrey, John Kemp, Ann Kemp, Richard Coe, John Page, Isobel Bingham, Yvonne Starkey, Rita Perry, Jennifer Helliwell, David Helliwell, David Rayson, Beverley Weeks, Pauline Ethrington, Marylin Mc Goldrick, John Mc Goldrick, David Ginns, Keith Shortland, Michael Maguire, Richard Turner, Ruth Brown, Richard King, Michael Moore, Douglas Reid, James French, Jayn Collins, Alan Collins, Susan Murray, Christopher Murray, Anthony Murray, Elizabeth Adcock, Christine Green, June Golding, Ashley Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Robert Walmsley.If I have missed anyone out please accept my apologies.

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