Desborough Pocket Park


Chairman of Desborough Pocket Park:
Dennis Ainge
Tel: 01536 763423 Email:

Desborough Pocket Park is situated between Federation Avenue and Prince Rupert Avenue and can be accessed by these roads. The land on which the Pocket Park is situated is owned by Kettering Borough Council who gave right of use, management rights and responsibilities to Desborough Town Council through a management agreement dated 2nd May 1995 for a period of 25 years. Desborough Town Council enables the management of the Park through the Pocket Park Volunteer Group which has its own bank account and Constitution. The aim of managing the Pocket Park is to maintain and enhance its value as a site for wildlife and to increase its appeal for usage by local people and organisations.

The Pocket Park Volunteer Group regularly hold work sessions and events in the Park.


Pocket Park Events

Volunteer Work Day
Date of next event to be confirmed
10.00am - 12.00pm

All welcome! Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear.